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Kraft paper bag

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Address:Baoan District, Shenzhen, Shiyan, 203 and 205, B block, Jun Fu Building, rich industrial area.

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Shenzhen ZHONG CHUANG Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. The company is located in Baoan stone rock and rich industrial zone in Shenzhen city. The Huizhou branch under its flag is located in Huiyang three and Economic Development Zone in Huizhou. China Chuang packaging has professional and technical personnel and advanced production equipment. It is a diversified packaging manufacturer serving various industries. Food packaging bags (kraft paper coffee bags, tea bags, window dried fruit packaging bags, five Valley hybrid grain vacuum packaging bags, thermal insulation bags); hardware and electronic industry antistatic packaging bags (bubble bag, gas column bag, large square stereo bag, anti static aluminum foil bag, aluminum bag, nylon bag, shielding bag); Construction of thermal insulation, moisture, sun protection, thermal insulation packaging materials (EPE insulation materials, bubble insulation materials, aluminum coated pearls cotton insulation material), logistics and transportation packaging bags (kraft paper bubble bag, aluminum bubble bag, tray bags, container bags) and other professional production enterprises. In order to develop packaging industry, we should improve packaging and apply new technologies, new materials and technologies. In order to protect the environment, save energy and strive for good economic and social benefits, we hold the market orientation, serve customers, open up innovation, serve the society, provide quality service to all sectors of the society wholeheartedly, and try our best to maintain and help each customer get the best benefit. We are willing to work together, care for the environment, focus on the field, integrity management and quality service, and lead the industry standard to create a better future.

We sincerely invite our customers to visit and negotiate with us.

Company philosophy: people-oriented, environmental protection, care for health, integrity and pragmatism, quality control and sincere service.

Kraft paper bag

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Address(huizhou):Huizhou Huiyang District three and Economic Development Zone, Yuhe Road, Lin Rong science and Technology Park, six floor.

Address(shenzhen):Baoan District, Shenzhen, Shiyan, 203 and 205, B block, Jun Fu Building, rich industrial area.

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