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ZHONG CHUANG packaging products manufacturer tells you the development trend of anti-static packaging bags.

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ZHONG CHUANG packaging products manufacturer tells you the development trend of anti-static packaging bags.

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There are many kinds of anti-static packaging bags, many customers can not distinguish between anti static shielding bag and aluminum plating bag. Here are some concise differences, which are easy to understand.

1: zero pollution electrostatic bag goes to the market. In this regard, the extrusion foam PP sheet developed by Dongguan Xingye Packing Products Co., Ltd. is the latest development of foam plastic electrostatic bag products. It uses high viscosity resin, high melting point polypropylene (HMSPP), PP homopolymer and chemical foaming agent to produce foam polypropylene sheet (EPP) with fine micropore and uniform distribution. The HMSPP of foamed PP is only 12.5%. It has good economic and social significance.

2: the breakthrough of the stereoscopic technology of the planar image of the electrostatic bag, the growth of the large area, the multi-layer three-dimensional layer, and even the real 3D (REA-L3D) of the non hierarchies are also introduced into the stereoscopic advertising kanban. The researchers rely on the thermodynamics and the material dynamics equations to develop these structures. The algorithm used to define the shape of the sculpture is based on the complete dissolution of two kinds of mixed fluids at high temperature, but the natural process of separating the two fluids when cooling is cooled, and the 3D stereoscopic plane display, which is combined with the LCD flat display, is also developing in succession. At present, the three-dimensional packaging box, three-dimensional plastic sheet and three-dimensional grating sheet produced by non-toxic, harmless, recyclable and environmentally friendly PET raw materials are designed and made with vivid three-dimensional, animated and unique three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting effect.

3: reducing the packing weight of the electrostatic bag, lightweight is a commonly used industrial vocabulary, used to describe the practice of reducing packaging by using less materials to produce packaging. When a plastic bag is successfully lightweight, there is less resin material needed in the injection molding process. Because of the use of less packaging materials, lightweight packaging is beneficial to environmental protection, but it is not her sole advantage, when the daily chemicals are sold in large quantities. A small decrease in the amount of resin in every electrostatic bag can bring considerable economic benefits to the enterprises. In particular, on the premise of the unprecedented increase in the price of the resin raw materials, more and more enterprises are becoming more and more interested in the lightweight packaging of electrostatic bags.

4: prevention and electrostatic bag eliminate static electricity, serious static electricity can burn down the main board and circuit of the equipment, cause damage to the printer; it also affects printing quality, adsorb ink drops in printing process to make ink leakage, and adsorb dust, make paper bond, print and ensure large format printer equipment And the safety of the computer room is the premise for the large format printer to work smoothly. Large format printer users should take corresponding measures to prevent static electricity generation.



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