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The difference between ordinary packaging bag and anti-static packaging bag and the static electricity principle.

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The difference between ordinary packaging bag and anti-static packaging bag and the static electricity principle.

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There are many kinds of bags. Many customers can't distinguish the difference between the antistatic shielding bag and the aluminum plated bag. Here, we conclude several concise differences, which are easy to understand.

Aluminum coating is used in vacuum to smear high purity metal aluminum on plastic film because it is on plastic, so metal aluminum only plays the role of decoration, it has no much help to improve material barrier. The printed aluminum bag is one kind of aluminum foil bag. The surface of the bag body can be printed LOGO patterns and characters according to the customer's requirements. Its material structure uses VMPET/CPE (all aluminum coating / polyethylene film) with good heat sealing, good tearing, strong pull, soft feel, the whole color is silver impermeable, the brightness is high, and the built-in objects are invisible. It can also be made into many styles: flat pocket type, self sealing type (dense bag / zipper bag), envelope type, envelope self adhesive type, connected type, three-dimensional type and so on.

Anti static shielding bag is made of high temperature, material structure APET/CPP (semi aluminum coating / polypropylene film) transparent, relatively hard, strong hand, tear force relatively weak APET/CPE (semi aluminum film / polyethylene film) hot sealing, good tearing, strong pull, two soft feel, the overall color is silvery translucent, built-in Silver gray translucent, built-in Things are visible. Very thin thickness, with the hand gently pressure to break, it looks weak, but when he and other plastic combined, the role is very large, insulation, insulation, shielding nature will be greatly improved.

The difference between hand touch is that the anti-static bag is thick and wide, hard and heavy, and the aluminum plated bag is light and soft. The former have obvious creases, while the latter is creases will soon snap back.  The difference between antistatic shielding bag and packaging bag and the principle of static electricity.

According to the Gauss theorem of the electrostatic field, the electric field line of the electrostatic field begins at positive charge or infinity, terminates the negative charge or infinity, so the static electric field is an active field. It is a non rotation field from the ampere loop theorem. According to the ring theorem, the ring quantity in the electrostatic field is equal to zero, and the electric field in the table Ming Jing electric field moves along an arbitrary closed path. The work done by the electric field force is zero, so the electrostatic field is a conservative field.

According to Coulomb's law, the force between the two point charges is proportional to the product of their charge, and inversely proportional to the square of their distance. The direction of the force is on their connection, F= (K. Q1q2) /r² in which the charge of Q1, Q2 is the charge of the charge, and the K is the constant of the electrostatic force, about 9.0e+09 (Newton. M ²)  (Kulun ²), R is the distance between two charge centers. Note that point charges are negligible charges when the distance between charged bodies is much larger than that of them. The main component of electrostatic elimination equipment is ion generator. The difference between antistatic shielding bag, ordinary packaging bag and anti-static packaging bag and the static electricity principle.

We can use an ion generator to make trillions of ions, and the ion generator uses high voltage to produce a balanced mixed charged ion and use a fan to help the ion drift into the body or in the region. Ionization can neutralize static charges in insulators in eight seconds, so they can reduce their potential harm. Ionization is not a substitute for grounding or isolation. Ionization can only reduce the possibility or risk of electrostatic discharge.

Because grounding and isolation can't release electric charge from insulators, such as synthetic fabrics or conventional plastics, neutralization is important. Neutralizing or removing the charge produced naturally in the process of insulator is called ionization. Ion is a simple charged substance existing in the air, and the ion is produced by natural energy material. It includes sunlight, lighting, outdoor flame and radiation.



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