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Kraft paper bag popular tea market.

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Kraft paper bag popular tea market.

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In real life, in order to integrate social phenomena, consumer lifestyles, and popular factors into the packaging, in order to meet the desire of consumers to live better, the packaging design practitioners are required to produce new packaging bags. And with the continuous development of packaging industry, people pay more and more attention to the role of packaging in marketing, and the upper and higher packaging is born. At present, China's restrictions on the provisions of packaging are not strong, many consumers tend to luxury and luxury products, leading enterprises to spend their minds on packaging and provide soil for the existence of excessive packaging. In addition, some enterprises also believe that good packaging can set up a product image and create larger profit margins to a certain extent. Some enterprises realize that the high-end gift market is still in existence, but it is not enough to support the long-term development of enterprises. With the development of online shopping, some enterprises also expand sales channels through e-commerce, from the perspective of product innovation, improve service level, lead the right trend of consumption, a batch of simple packaging, design humanized products began to market, imperceptibly. The development of kraft paper packaging industry is discussed.

There are still many unreasonable places in the packaging industry. From the view of product structure, simple and primitive products are many, the products of deep processing and finishing are few, the proportion of ordinary packaging products is large, the functional packaging products are not developed enough, plastic packaging products, light plastic packaging materials, heavy equipment, and light technology are used. Technology, heavy production, light research and development, slow product upgrading, resulting in plastic packaging product structure is unreasonable, can not fully meet the market demand changes. From the perspective of enterprise structure, the overall scale of plastic packaging enterprises is small, and industrial concentration is relatively low.

In the future, the development of China's packaging industry is not only limited to the research and application of packaging materials, but also on the intensive processing. Besides, the packaging industry should also pay attention to environmental protection. Because the application of packaging materials occupy a lot of material, packaging materials also cause damage to the environment and human health. Therefore, people are more interested in the development of green bags. Whether the packaging materials can be lightweight or biodegradable has also become an important factor in the development of plastic packaging products.

Packaging industry is still in the stage of rapid development. With the discovery and use of more and more packaging materials, the types of packaging materials in China are more abundant. The packaging industry in China will meet the needs of building a well-off society in an all-round way, and build a high scientific and technological content, good economic benefit, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution and talent capital. The new Chinese packaging industry has been brought into full play.



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