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The difference on the aluminum foil packaging bag and aluminum bag

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The difference on the aluminum foil packaging bag and aluminum bag

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The sale of aluminum foil bags often happens in such a situation. There are many kinds of packaging bags, and many customers can not distinguish aluminum foil packaging bag and aluminum bag. In order to let you know, let's explain the difference between the aluminum foil bag and the aluminum bag.

The aluminum plated bag (membrane) is made of high purity metal aluminum evenly coated on plastic film under the condition of high temperature and vacuum. Because it is applied to plastic, metal aluminum plays a decorative role, and has no great help to improve material barrier property.

Aluminum foil bag (film) it is made of pure metal aluminum sheet, the thinnest thickness can reach 0.0065MM, if then the hand gently poke it will break, although this thin looks weak without wind, but it is combined with other plastic, its role is very large. After being combined with more than one layer of plastic, the barrier function, sealing property, fragrance protection and shielding ability of plastic can be improved.

1, watch: because the brightness of aluminum foil is not as bright as aluminum plating, so the reflectivity of aluminum foil is not as good as that of aluminized film. The aluminized bag can take out the figure, except for the aluminizing film. The aluminized appearance of the extinction film is very similar to the aluminum foil. It can block the mouth of the bag and see through the strong light. The inside of the bag is opaque, and the transparent bag is aluminum plated.

2, handle: aluminum foil bag feel thick and stiff hard, heavy, soft than aluminum bags foil bag is light and soft.

3, fold: the aluminum foil bag is easy to fold out the dead fold, dead print, and the aluminum plated bag will not fold into dead print, and it will soon rebound.

4, twist: the aluminum foil bag is not easy to rebound after twisting and twisting, and the aluminum layer will break. The aluminum coating bags will soon disperse when twisting and twisting, and there will be no obvious cracks on the aluminum layer.

5, fire fire point: aluminum foil is not easy to burn, the aluminum layer will rollback, burn after leaving aluminum foil packaging slag grey. When aluminized film is fired, there will be different burning status of plastic film, and there is no residue of aluminum slag.



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