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Kraft paper bag








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Kraft paper bubble bag

Kraft paper bubble bag


Kraft paper bubble bag

Features: shockproof, safety protection, new environmental protection, non-toxic materials.

Appearance: white, yellow, natural color and so on.

[printing]: no printing or customized printing bags according to customer's design draft.

Detailed description of the product:

[convenience]: a smooth bubble lining protects the inner layer and is easy to put in.

Humanization: self adhesive seal design is safe, simple and easy to use, and saves packaging time.

Safety: high strength hot melt adhesive self sealing, providing extremely safe tear resistance for sealing and ensuring the safety and privacy of mail products.

[easy tear]: special opening function, specially designed, easy to open.

[reinforcing edge]: 2 side seal (each side 10MM)

Economy: envelope bags are lightweight, saving money for postage.

Environmental protection: the new environmental protection material can be recycled.

Kraft paper (white / yellow / natural color) composite bubble bag has the advantages of light weight and environmental protection.

Kraft paper composite bubble bag material structure: kraft paper + transparent bubbles. The outer layer is kraft paper lined with transparent bubbles. The bag is beautiful and easy to write, and its unique toughness can prevent the bag from breaking; the inner transparent bubble has good cushioning effect and prevents the goods from being damaged by extrusion, collision and fall. It is suitable for mailing CD discs, tapes, electronic components, integrated circuit boards, optical lenses, books, certificates, photo frames, gifts, watches and clocks. And other items, is personal mail, the company sent samples of the preferred supplies. Convenience: a smooth air cushion protects the inner layer of articles. Humanization: self sealing envelope design is safe and reliable. Special treatment can be written directly on the cover. Environmental protection: recyclable and reusable. Recommended uses: Commodity catalogues, drugs, CD disc, DVD disc, jewelry, watch, medical instruments, photographic equipment, samples, video tape, accessories, computer motherboards, small items, publicity materials, optical drive and so on.


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